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The Teaching Commons at Wayne State University is a collaboration of the Office for Teaching and Learning, University Libraries, and Academic Technology Support (C&IT) that provides our educational practitioners an integrated and interdependent hub serving to support excellence in teaching and learning.

Working together we anticipate, adapt and respond to the increasingly complex environment of teaching and learning in our urban research university setting. With our collaborators, we explore, assess and implement the best in research and evidence-based practice.

The Wayne State University Technology Resource Center was designed to bring the University's rich teaching, learning, and technology resources together in one place for faculty convenience. The TRC has been remarkably successful in this regard, and a highly innovative and productive synergy has developed as staff address important faculty concerns while fostering innovation in teaching and learning theory and technology.

In the Fall of 2013, the Technology Resource Center was reconceived as the Teaching Commons, building on the established internetwork of resources available to support faculty in their teaching and learning. The Teaching Commons replaces and extends the Technology Resource Center, with a slight readjustment in mission: focusing more on evidence-based practice in teaching and learning, less on technology in the classroom.

Latest news from our blogs

May 04, 2016
Copyright and Klingon: An Interesting Case Study

From Scholars Cooperative

An interesting court case came to my attention recently, one which is perhaps not immediately applicable to the scholarly world but still may hold some interest. The lawsuit involves Paramount Pictures and CBS filing suit against Axanar Productions, Inc., a production company involved in the creation of a crowdfunded¬†Star Trek fan film. Included among the […]


Apr 28, 2016
New article on eating insects by Dr. Ferreira

From Scholars Cooperative

A new article on entomophagy (i.e., eating insects) in North America was recently published by Dr. Maria Pontes Ferreira (Department of Food and Nutrition Science) and colleagues in the¬†Journal of Insects as Food and Feed published by Wageningen Academic Publishers. This review article describes the history of entomophagy as practiced by native North Americans and […]


Apr 18, 2016
More on the Tax Fraud Epidemic

From ProfTech

On Friday you received a message from C&IT and the VP for Administration talking about the epidemic of income tax fraud that has hit the country. This morning it made the front page of the Free Press: Detroit Free Press article by Susan Tompor on tax fraud A large number of Wayne State folks were […]


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