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The Teaching Commons at Wayne State University is a collaboration of the Office for Teaching and Learning, University Libraries, and Academic Technology Support (C&IT) that provides our educational practitioners an integrated and interdependent hub serving to support excellence in teaching and learning.

Working together we anticipate, adapt and respond to the increasingly complex environment of teaching and learning in our urban research university setting. With our collaborators, we explore, assess and implement the best in research and evidence-based practice.

The Wayne State University Technology Resource Center was designed to bring the University's rich teaching, learning, and technology resources together in one place for faculty convenience. The TRC has been remarkably successful in this regard, and a highly innovative and productive synergy has developed as staff address important faculty concerns while fostering innovation in teaching and learning theory and technology.

In the Fall of 2013, the Technology Resource Center was reconceived as the Teaching Commons, building on the established internetwork of resources available to support faculty in their teaching and learning. The Teaching Commons replaces and extends the Technology Resource Center, with a slight readjustment in mission: focusing more on evidence-based practice in teaching and learning, less on technology in the classroom.

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Sep 17, 2014
More on leaking selfies

From ProfTech

I just read a particularly good discussion of the (now dying down) controversy over the leaking of celebrities’ sexted photos. It makes a number of points that haven’t been raised elsewhere: Saying ‘don’t take revealing pictures of yourself’ because they might leak is like saying ‘don’t use a credit card because your identity might get stolen’. […]

More on leaking selfies is a post from: ProfTech


Sep 08, 2014
Nude photos online–the latest privacy outrage? Or not so much…

From ProfTech

By now everyone knows that a number of (primarily young, almost exclusively female) Hollywood stars had compromising pictures of themselves posted to a public Internet site, provoking much social commentary. The reason for this post is not the fact that it happened–it happens frequently, and sometimes goes under the heading of ‘revenge porn’. What is […]

Nude photos online–the latest privacy outrage? Or not so much… is a post from: ProfTech


Aug 26, 2014
Office 365–Now Free to Our Students

From ProfTech

Wayne State has signed up for Microsoft’s Student Advantage Program – C&IT now provides free downloads of the latest version of Microsoft Office to all currently registered Wayne State students. This includes full-featured current versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook for PCs and Macs. PC users also get Access and OneNote. Students will be […]

Office 365–Now Free to Our Students is a post from: ProfTech


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