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The Teaching Commons at Wayne State University is a collaboration of the Office for Teaching and Learning, University Libraries, and Academic Technology Support (C&IT) that provides our educational practitioners an integrated and interdependent hub serving to support excellence in teaching and learning.

Working together we anticipate, adapt and respond to the increasingly complex environment of teaching and learning in our urban research university setting. With our collaborators, we explore, assess and implement the best in research and evidence-based practice.

The Wayne State University Technology Resource Center was designed to bring the University's rich teaching, learning, and technology resources together in one place for faculty convenience. The TRC has been remarkably successful in this regard, and a highly innovative and productive synergy has developed as staff address important faculty concerns while fostering innovation in teaching and learning theory and technology.

In the Fall of 2013, the Technology Resource Center was reconceived as the Teaching Commons, building on the established internetwork of resources available to support faculty in their teaching and learning. The Teaching Commons replaces and extends the Technology Resource Center, with a slight readjustment in mission: focusing more on evidence-based practice in teaching and learning, less on technology in the classroom.

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Feb 24, 2015
Recent dealings with Stingray

From ProfTech

So a guy selling pot is robbed by two other guys. And the police use a Stingray to track the robbers down. Then it went to court. The seller was charged with drug distribution, the other guys with felonies. A couple of weeks ago a judge asked the police to let him see the famous […]

Recent dealings with Stingray is a post from: ProfTech


Feb 23, 2015
Celebrate Fair Use Week!

From Copyright@WSULS

February 23-27, 2015 is Fair Use Week!                 Can I make a copy of this article?                 May I share this material with my class?                 Will posting this work to Blackboard violate copyright? “Fair Use Week is an annual celebration of the important doctrines of fair use […]

Celebrate Fair Use Week! is a post from: Copyright@WSULS


Feb 16, 2015
Some random musings about privacy and what lack of it can do to you.

From ProfTech

Three quite unrelated postings on ‘teh webs’ struck me this week. Two deal with what your apps are doing to you. One is a Danish public service announcement about what your apps are doing to you. Food for thought, whether we do anything about it or not, and whether we even could: The second is […]

Some random musings about privacy and what lack of it can do to you. is a post from: ProfTech


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